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On our trip to Japan, we took a Shinkansen ride from Tokyo to Osaka. Then after spending a few days there we headed to Kyoto. Sadly, at this part of the trip I ended up getting sick but I still went out on a few adventures for the days we were there. We did three main things while in Kyoto. We went to Nishiki Market, Kiyomizu-dero Temple, and Shosei-en Garden which was very close to our hostel.

The first trip we made was to the Shosei-en Garden. It was in the middle of the city around us and was lush with greenery and full of amazing pieces of architecture.

If my memory serves me right I believe there was a small service fee for entry. This fee is for the upkeep of the garden and paying the staff. If you are in Kyoto this is a beautiful garden to visit. We spent around an hour and a half exploring.

Next, we made our way to Nishiki market which I didn’t get any pictures of since I was filming while there.

Lastly, we went to Kiyomizu-dera Temple. Sadly we were unable to get there in time before it closed. However, we were able to explore the area around the temple and take pictures in front of it. Most of the pictures shown in this section are from walking around the neighborhoods on our way back from the temple as the sun was setting.

To see more of Kyoto I have a video below of our visit.

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