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Guess what? I’m moving once again and this time it’s not a small move a few hours away or even a city away. This time I’m moving halfway across the country! Zach and I began planning our move back during November of 2019 and flew out to Kansas during the first week of the new year to look into apartments. We wanted to get ourselves established out in Kansas with an address before moving during the first week of February. That way I could begin applying to jobs as soon as possible since this is one of our major reasons for moving.

The moving process went pretty smoothly on the way out. We added a hitch to one of our cars and got a small UHaul to tow our belongings. We decided to make the drive to Kansas City from the Ventura area in California. Initially we were supposed to take off on January 30th but getting everything out of the house we were in while working ended up taking a little longer than expected. We ended up leaving February 1st around 1am. The total drive was supposed to take us around 24 hours however, it ended up taking us awhile longer since we needed to stop and sleep since we were already running on little sleep from trying to get the cars in a good condition for the long drive as well as clearing out the house. For the drive we drove two cars Zach was driving our Subaru with the trailer and our friend Jesus and I took turns driving the Honda. Jesus has been our roommate for the past five years! We are both very thankful that he helped us during the whole moving process and drove with us on our move.

Fun fact one of the craziest parts of this was that both of our cars have manual transmissions and Jesus had really only driven a manual car once before so we had to give him a quick few lessons before taking off. He did a really good job! 

Our first stop of the drive was in Barstow California where we stayed the night at a Motel 6. We ended up checking in around 6am and checking out around 10:30am. Next, we stopped at this fun area on the border of California and Arizona called Needles in California for lunch. We lucked out and were able to find a dog friendly restaurant called Wagon Wheel. It was a fun spot with a Route 66 theme. It was the first time a restaurant allowed us to bring our dog inside. We had some amazing food while having lunch here as well. If you are ever in the area and need to make a stop I definitely recommend trying out their food.

After lunch we continued our drive and we made it to Flagstaff Arizona where we took a small break and grabbed dinner before taking off once again and stopping for the night in Albuquerque New Mexico. While driving through the Flagstaff area we were really surprised to see so much snow! It was quite a fun experience to drive through the mountains that were covered in such fresh snow. Lux enjoyed it as well! She got super excited by the snow even though she hasn’t seen any before. I think she could feel how cold it was! After, getting to Albuquerque we stayed at the Drury Inn which is a dog friendly hotel chain. We got there around 1am and then slept until around 10am. After, taking off from the hotel we still had around 14 hours left to drive but we wanted to try and get it all done in one shot. It’s amazing how long it takes to drive from California to Kansas however, you get to see so many amazing sights that made the long drive quite enjoyable.

After, Albuquerque we drove through the tip of Texas, the pot handle of Oklahoma, and then finally made it to Liberal, Kansas. Once we arrived here we had only 6 hours of the drive left. Jesus and I managed to arrive at the apartment around 1am on February 3rd after we picked up dinner for the group. Zach arrived around an hour later and we finally all completed the long trip!

It was an odd feeling to be at the apartment since it still felt like we just went on a really long trip but where still in California. Even though Zach and I have been to Kansas before and we knew the area it was an indescribable feeling. We think the feeling had to do with us driving instead of flying to a new area. It made the arrival feel much different. This feeling has finally gone away after a few weeks and exploring the area more and really realizing it’s not California and that it is in fact much different. So far we are having an amazing time here and enjoying the cold weather and the snow that has blessed us a few times already!

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    March 4, 2020 at 10:32 pm

    I’ve never been to Kansas! I hear the barbecue is amazing over there!

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      March 4, 2020 at 10:45 pm

      You should definitely come visit some time its very beautiful here! I have yet to really try much barbecue here myself yet but I’ve heard amazing things about it as well. I’ll definitely have to try some soon.

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