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For my friend Jesus’s birthday this year he and I decided to take a day trip down to LA to visit a restaurant that he’s been really interested in for awhile now. Konbi is a Japanese restaurant that sells Katsu & Egg sandwiches as well as amazing French pastries. Konbi during its short time of being open has also won Bon Appétite’s best restaurant of the year. Its Los Angeles location opened in October of 2018 and won this award in September 2019. I can definitely say that they deserve this award. Their food is made perfectly, they have the kindest staff, and an amazing atmosphere. 

The restaurant itself has a ten seat counter. We came in a little later in the day and there was plenty of open seating. If you are unable to dine in you can also order food to go through their window they have on the outside of the shop. Their daily hours are 8am to 3pm and we arrived around 1:30 on a Friday and were seated right away. 

At Konbi I ordered a Iced Barley Tea, a cup of Barley Miso Soup, and the Katsu sandwich. The Barley Tea was very different from any other tea I have had. It’s not anywhere near similar to your typical herbal brewed teas. It has a strong flavor of barley and to me personally it tasted like Whiskey without the alcohol taste. The miso soup was some of the best miso soup I have had outside of Japan. It tasted very fresh and had an amazing texture with the added clams and crispy rice. Then lastly for me the Katsu sandwich tasted very fresh and flavorful as well. Their bulldog sauce that is on the Katsu sandwich as well as the Egg Salad has a very strong flavor. It mixed well with the other parts of the sandwich as a whole.

Jesus ordered a Iced Houjicha Latte, a cup of Barley Miso Soup, the Egg Salad Sandwich, and a slice of the Date Custard Tart. The Houjicha latte had a nutty flavor to it due to the way the green tea leaves are roasted to create this drink. The Egg Salad Sandwich was amazing and definitely worth trying. I have never tried egg salad before so I was nervous in trying it however, it’s very creamy and has a lot of flavor. You don’t taste merely egg you taste a lot more within this sandwich. Lastly, the Date Custard Tart was simply amazing as well. It was very smooth and creamy. To me it tasted similar to crème brûlée and I felt as if you could taste a bit of cardamom within it however, I am not sure if it is actually in this dish or just a similar flavor.

Overall Konbi was an amazing experience through both the food and the atmosphere. The inside really reminded me of some restaurants I visited while in Japan. If you are looking for an amazing experience through food, friendly staff and decor I definitely recommend trying out Konbi. 

For more information on Konbi and a full menu you can find more through their website here: https://www.konbila.com/

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