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L.A. Zoo Lights

This year my friends and I decided to go and visit the L.A. Zoo Lights. We have had a tradition to go to the Cambria Christmas Market up in Central California the past few years however, it was not working out with all our schedules this year. So we decided to visit the Los Angeles Zoo’s event. A few friends and I have gone to this event back in 2015 however, since this the event has only gotten bigger, brighter, and busier. While the cost has stayed the same around $22 for adults on premium nights and $12 on discount nights. It was an affordable and fun event to go to.

The event has two timed sections. There is an 8:30-9:30 time slot and a 9:30-10:30 time slot in the evening. We went to the 9:30-10:30 slot on Saturday December 14th. This was a premium night since it was closer to Christmas and it was very busy. If you are wanting to go to get a lot of pictures with some of the setups that they have you might have to wait around a little bit in the areas that you are wanting pictures so you don’t have people running into your pictures or in your photos as well.

It is quite fun to be able to walk all around the park and view all the arrangements of lights that they have up on display. Navigating the park is quite easy since all the paths are lit up and if a path isn’t it is usually blocked off so you can’t wander into sections of the park that aren’t part of the event. There are many different kinds of vendors around to get drinks and snacks from as well. A lot of them are holiday themed as well.

If you are hoping to see animals while visiting this night you won’t be able to since they are mostly sleeping and the way it’s set up keeps you away from most of the habitats. There is one section opened however, and that section is the reptile section. It is near the beginning of the park and part of an indoor setup. You will get to see lots of lit up animal displays though such as a bunch of meerkats and cut outs of bears. This was quite fun since they set up entire displays of them to view and take pictures with along your walks.

One of the coolest attractions that they have is a giant walk through with colored lights surrounding you. While I didn’t get a picture of this you can see an example of one here. It’s really cool to walk through be warned though this tends to be the busiest part of the park and people really tend to push you through.

Overall we had a really fun time viewing all the lights and taking plenty of pictures all together. It definitely helped  us get into the Christmas spirit. If you are familiar with the Cambria Christmas Market this event is not similar except for the lights. The Cambria Christmas market has a lot more to offer for a similar price. However, they are in two different parts of California. I just wanted to compare these two since they are both events I have been to multiple times now and some of you may know about these events or be thinking of attending these events in the future.

For more information on the L.A. Zoo Lights you can check out more through this website here: https://www.lazoo.org/2019/10/lazl-19/

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