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Beach Fish House

My friends and I recently visited the Beach Fish House on the Ventura Pier. We gathered after everyone got off work in the afternoon and met up to get some drinks. We ended up picking up some bites to eat since they have daily specials and happy hour prices that are very affordable.

My friend Lisa and I showed up first and then a little later on our friends Jesus and Angel joined us. While we were waiting Lisa and I decided to get some drinks. Lisa tried their Jalapeno Margarita and I tried their Michelada. Both drinks were very good, and they make their own Michelada mix in house!

Once the guys met up with us, we grabbed some bites to eat. I tried their fish and chips which was on their happy hour pricing, Jesus tried the clam chowder, and Lisa & Angel shared a fish and chips with the jalapeno batter.

After finishing our food and having a few more drinks we decided to take a walk out to the pier and enjoy the view and the lovely summer weather we have been having.

4/5 Food Rating –
The food overall was really good! My friends and I all enjoyed the choices that we made and would all recommend them to try. Once again, we tried the fish and chips both jalapenos battered and regular battered as well as the clam chowder.

?/5 WIFI –
I am unsure to whether this establishment offers WIFI.

5/5 Menu –
The menu offered many great seafood and non-seafood dishes. I feel that anyone would be able to get a dish that they would enjoy here.

5/5 Drinks –
The drinks that they had on their specialized menu were very good! We tried from their special drink menu the California Salty Dog, Jalapeno Margarita, and the Michelada. They were all very good and well worth trying. They also have happy hour where all well drinks are only $6! That’s a great deal. Their bartender was also very kind and helped my friends and I decided on drinks. Definitely worth it to get a drink here!

5/5 Atmosphere & Decor –
If you are looking for a place with great beach vibes and a great view of the ocean then you found the perfect place to come to. The Beach Fish House offers a comfortable atmosphere with a dark wood and nautical theme. You can also enjoy sitting inside or outside and have a great view of the ocean from anywhere you choose to sit.

4/5 Price –
While we did come during happy hour where prices would be very good their regular prices were not to bad. When coming to a place right on the beach with a great view the prices then to be a little higher. Overall I would say that their menu pricing for a seafood restaurant on the beach was fair pricing. But if you are looking for a good deal it is defiantly worth coming during their happy hour.

5/5 Seats –
There was a lot of seating available both inside and outside. All the seating had a great view of the beach and the ocean.

Overall, the Beach Fish House offers a lovely atmosphere along with great drinks and food. I definitely recommended checking it out if you are in the area. Everyone was in good spirits on this lovely summer day. If you enjoyed this post and would like to see more posts from around the 805 please let me know!

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    Marissa Thomas
    August 8, 2019 at 10:46 pm

    Those Micheladas look delicious! Thank you for sharing, I can’t wait to check this place out !

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