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In Flight Essentials

I recently took an eleven-hour flight to the land of the rising sun, Japan! During the flight there and the way back I learned the hard way of what is actually important to bring on a long trip and a long flight.

I traveled to Japan from May 22nd to June 10th. I went with my boyfriend Zach and our best friend and roommate Jesus. In a sense this was a learning experience for all of us for what to pack on a 3-week trip. In this post I am going to talk through about what to bring in your carry on however, I will have a second post talking about my experience bringing a large suitcase and lugging that all around Japan.

First step before planning what to bring on your in-flight carry-on bag I would check what plane model your airline will be taking on the trip. We flew with Singapore airlines and our plane was a Boeing 777-300ER. Our plane came equipped with personal TV’s and charging ports. Even if you only brought along a pair of headphones that you could plug into the TV I would say that you are mostly set for this flight. They offer free movies, TV, shows, music, and games for you to play during the flight.

For the flight I brought along a pair of headphones, a book, my computer, moisturizer, hand sanitizer, and water. I would say that these are the basic items that you would want to bring along on the flight. However, there are items looking back now that I wish I would have brought along.

What I recommend bringing on the flight would be headphones (noise cancelling if you want to try and sleep), body and facial moisturizer, makeup wipes, hand sanitizer, book or eBook, and laptop if you think you will use it. For my flight there I watched movies and listened to music. I didn’t end up reading my book because I left it in my main luggage sadly. I also didn’t use my laptop. Flights don’t offer free WIFI so If you are willing to pay then you have access for around $30 for the entire flight. I didn’t feel the need to purchase WIFI since there was enough movies to get through that caught my interest.

Hand sanitizer and moisturizer are a must! Sometimes the bathrooms will run out of soap and the flight attendants won’t always be able to replace it the moment it runs out. It’s a good thing to have incase. Also, after having a meal it is nice to be able to clean your hands. Before, this flight I have only been on a four-hour flight as my longest. However, an eleven-hour flight can be quite draining and dehydrating. Moisturizer is really important because it is super drying in the cabin. My hands and face got really dry during the flight and took a few days to get back to normal after landing.

Lastly, I would say the next important thing to bring lots of is water. Often times during the flight there are quite hours and it can be hard to get the flight attendants attention and even if you do, they will give you small cups of water. My friends and all got quite dehydrated on the flight there and on the way back we made sure to grab a few bottles of water each at the airport for our return flight home.

I hope this helps you have an idea of what to take on your next long flight. I truly feel that there’s no need to bring a whole lot. However, I know there are flights longer than eleven hours. This has just been my longest to date. What are some of your in-flight essentials?

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