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Team Borderless Lab Tokyo

During our last days of our trip in Japan one of our must do things before leaving was visiting the Team Borderless Lab! It’s an immersive moving art exhibit. On paper it sounds pretty crazy but when you go it’s absolutely amazing. It’s all digital art that is constantly moving throughout the entire building. They say every time you go it will be a new experience. I believe this statement to be true since we were there over an hour and we didn’t even get to see everything since it moves from room to room. 

Some suggestions that I have would be to go early in the day and try to go to the areas with the lines first. I believe they offer a guide online to how the layout of the building is set up or you can ask the staff. The staff are very helpful and kind as well! We decided to go during the last hour slots available for the day. The earlier you go there are more rooms that sometimes have wait times to get into. Such as a room where you walk through water that looks like a rainbow pool. There is also a room filled with lanterns that during regular hours I imagine can get quite the line. When inside this room you have about five minutes allowed inside before the next group comes in. Overall it’s an amazing experience that I will definitely go to again when visiting Japan in the future. There are also a lot of fun shops and restaurants in the area that you can go to as well while visiting this area.

To show you more of what the Team Borderless Lab has to offer I made a short video of our time there.

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