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Pompompurin Cafe

Finally posting about my trip to japan! Starting with our visit to the Pompompurin café. We visited the Pompompurin café on the second day of our three-week trip. We decided to head to Shibuya & Harajuku for the day. We ended up going the wrong way, missing our train, and walked all the way from Setagaya which was around an hour and a half walk. In the end we were somewhat glad we got lost and walked the entire way there. We ended up going to the NHK and touring the center. There was also a large festival happening outside of the NHK. There was a culture festival with three festivals going on at once. A food festival for Jamaica, Laos, and Latin America were all going on at the same time. We got to try a lot of food we never tried before by going through the festival on our way to Harajuku.

Once we got to Harajuku, we didn’t spend too much time in shops since we had plenty of time to come back and visit once again to make purchases and look around more. We decided to get dinner at the Pompompurin café, however. This café is located on the third floor on the left side when walking down the main shopping center of Harajuku. You will more than likely see plenty of signs for the location. We were lucky that we didn’t end up needing a reservation since they were pretty slow at the time we arrived.

The café is all super cute with the color palette of Pompompurin and friends. All the food as well as the entire restaurant is decked out with Pompompurin. They have a cute little shop as well in which you can by items exclusive to the café.

We ended up ordering quite a bit of food and all trying bits of eachothers. I got for a main meal the “Pompompurin’s Mild-Tasting Beef Stroganoff” which was ¥990+tax which came out to be around $10 USD. I also got the Melon soda I believe and that was around ¥450+tax which is around $5USD.

Zach got the tiramisu which was amazing. Out of everything we tried this would be one of the things the two of us recommend the most. It was very creamy and had great flavor. The tiramisu was around ¥8+tax I believe. Which would be around $8 USD. I cannot find the exact price of this menu item online so it may have been a limited time item. But I believe it was between ¥7-¥10.

Lastly, Jesus got two items. He got the Pompompurin Pudding which was ¥5+tax around $5.50 USD and either a shake or a yougurt drink with boba added. This was another item I cannot find on any of the online menu’s so I am not to sure if it is limited time or so.

Overall the café had really good items for both eating and drinking and it had a lovely atmosphere. If you are ever in the Harajuku area I highly recommend you visit this cute café.

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