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ShOuLd I gEt bAnGs?

The question that comes up in every girl’s life. “Should I get bangs?” This is something I literally ask my friends weekly. I had some form of bangs for about half of my life. I had bangs for awhile when I was a young kid and then I didn’t have them for about 5 years or so until I was in eighth grade. Junior High was the big start of my bang journey. (Also the emo journey but let’s not get into that..). This was the first time in my life that I decided to get bangs solely because I wanted to. This wasn’t my family or friends telling me to get them. It was my first big decision. These bangs stuck with me until my fourth year in college I believe. That was when I decided to start growing them out. My bangs throughout the years were a variation of two different styles, either the straight bang or the side swept bangs.

I thought it would be fun to show you my journey of hair styles and show what my current style is. My current style that I have now I would say is one of the best I have had. Overall the lengthen of my bangs was at a great length at the end of 2017 but I decided to start dying my hair and due to damage I had to cut them. I am now growing them out again and one day I will get them to my perfect length. I am going to apologize early on in this post for some pictures having Snapchat Filters on them. There’re a few years where most of the pictures I took of myself were on Snapchat.

My internal cringe is starting off strong with 2009. This was the end of my eighth-grade year in school. I was really into the emo culture and tried my best to accomplish the hair. This was the first time I chose to cut my hair. I had hair down to my butt before I got it all cut off and it was right above my shoulders. I always wore my hair in pigtails with my bangs and side pieces straightened. This was also the time I discovered hair spray and let me tell you this hair didn’t move unless washed.

2010 first year of high school are we were going in strong with some side bangs and hair still quite short it does grow out more when we get towards June. I started the year with a mixture between side bangs and straight bangs. In summer I got side bangs, and these were not really full side bangs they were almost a middle part side bang.

For 2011 I had side bangs solidly for the entire year they basically stayed the same length always during this year.

2012 started out with a full side bang and towards the second half of the year we go back to full bangs! When going through these photos I am never quite sure if I love the side bangs or full bangs on my younger self. I feel that both could have been heavily improved if they were not as full.

Both of these photos are from the first half of 2013. They were both taken when I was still in my Senior year of high school. The first is with my friend Keyla and it is on our last day of school. The second is one of my Senior Portraits that was taken earlier in the year. I had straight bangs earlier in the year then towards June graduation they grew out and I started shoving them to the side making them into side bangs.

2014 we have side bangs for the whole year! No going back and forth between the two styles. I managed to pick one and stick with it. In the second photo my friends and I purchased colored contacts so please ignore my demon eyes.

2015 holds one of my all-time favorite hair styles I have ever had. I absolutely love how my hair looked in August of this year. I got my bangs to an amazing length that my current self is jealous of. Also, the lengthen of my hair during this time is so long! But sadly, we see in sometime around Winter time of this year I decided to cut my hair again and go back to shorter bangs.

2016 I would say was a very boring year for my hair as earlier in the year I decided to try and get my hair to grey. My hair got bleached around 6 times in one day by the hairdresser I was seeing. But as someone who never really dyed their hair before I didn’t know how bad this was for my hair. This was a big year of hair recovery for me. I am glad though that during this time I decided to grow my bangs out longer. I think overall my bangs in this style are some of the most flattering on me.

2017! In April I went back to the full bang. This time I tried to get a more “textured” style bang. I think they are quite cute on me however; I still don’t think this is my best look. Though it is one of my better hair styles. Then in June they turned back into the Side bang style. (Why do I look like a Skrillex wannabe in this picture.)

Then in July they turned into more of an odd mix of bangs and side bangs. They go to the side, but they take up most of my forehead. I am not too sure what I was going for with this style in all honesty. Then in November we have a true pair of side bangs. I actually think this looks so cute. They are somewhat similar in length to my bangs currently though I do style them differently. Lastly, for 2017 we have a slightly more grown out version of November.

2018 was a very similar year to 2016 for my hair. I decided in January to once again try to get my hair to grey. However, I still did not learn for my past mistakes and my hair suffered greatly throughout the year. I went from having a good length and healthy hair at the end of 2017 to hair that is back to the length it was in 2009. My hair got so damaged by the end of the year it was breaking off every time I brushed it and washed it. In December I did purchase clip in extensions since I was not confident at all going to school with how my hair looked.

Now to present 2019 me. I switched from clip in extensions to tape ins. One of the biggest things I have learned is that I look best without heavy side bangs/ full bangs. I think my best look is having bangs that are grown out past my chin. When they are at this length there are many ways to style them. If there are days that I am contemplating getting bangs again I can simply curl them, and they give me more of a side bang as seen in May and June. But if I just want them pushed out of my face, we have my hair as shown in March.

So, the big question would I recommend getting bangs? No, personally I wouldn’t at my current age of 24. If you are wanting to get bangs, I would really encourage you to talk to you hairdresser to make sure they give you a style that is flattering to your face and that have some dimension. Not necessarily blunt cut. Also, it helps to get your bangs cut thin, so they are not too heavy. In a lot of my older pictures I have very full bangs and you can’t see any of my forehead. But I took a step out of my comfort zone in 2017 and told the hair dresser I didn’t want thick bangs I wanted them to be on the thinner side. When they are on the thinner side, they are also much easier to manage when styling.

I do want to thank my bangs though because if it weren’t for them, I am not sure I would have ever picked a hair style that is flattering for me. I think I would have kept trying to keep up with hair trends or my past emo style. I am glad that I now have a style that I am truly happy with and I hope to future me that I continue to wear styles that make me happy.

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