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Sephora Haul

I placed a Sephora order a little over a month ago before I went on holiday and wanted to share which products I chose to pick up. I had time on my holiday to thoroughly test all of the products that I picked up and I will share my thoughts on each throughout this post.

The first two items I picked up from Sephora are the Dior Addict Lacquer Sticks. I picked up the shades Tease and Rolling. Tease is a pink nude and Rolling is a peachy nude. Recently, I have been leaning towards picking up products along more orange or peachy tones. I find them to be very flattering on me and I love that there are so many options now days for these shades.

One of the main reasons I decided to pick up these Dior Addict Lacquer Sticks was due to Blair Walnuts talking about them on her channel. She talked about her favorite makeup items and the Dior Lacquer sticks were among her favorites. I was really interested in trying them since they are more on the gloss side rather than a full coverage lip product. They give off a nice wash of color rather than a lip color at full opacity.

Next I picked up a Charrlote Tilbury K.I.S.S.I.N.G Lipstick in the shade Penelope Pink. I have tried one other Charlotte Tilbury lipstick before and it was in shade Glastonberry. Glastonberry has been one of my all time favorite lipsticks for a long time. Especially during the Autumn and Winter seasons. I have been wanting to try more Charlotte Tilbury lipsticks for awhile now and decided to try out Penelope Pink. Penelope Pink is a nude shade with pink undertones. I love how versatile this shade is. You could be wearing a dramatic eye look and be wearing this lip and it balances the whole look out well. I often times have a hard time picking out lipsticks that I think are flattering on me and this is one of the first ones I have found to be flattering in awhile.

The Kaja Cheeky Stamp Blendable Blush has been on my WishList for awhile now. I love how cute the idea of this product is. I picked mine up in the shade Bossy which is a soft coral. This product applies very easily and blends out beautifully. I was slightly concerned that it would be a messy product but I am happy to say that it is not at all. To apply you simply twist the product and the applicator will detach and then you open the blush cushion section and simply press the heart shaded applicator into the product. You then apply to your cheeks and it will leave cute hearts of blush on them. Then you simply blend it out. This product also blends out somewhat sheer so you can add more as desired to get the opacity that you desire.

This product is now one of my holy grail products and I am so happy that I decided to try it out. The Marc Jacobs Highliner Gel Eye Crayon Eyeliner is one of the best gel eyeliners that I have ever used. I choose the shade Blacquer and it is a true black. The reason that I am so exicted over this product is that it does not budge, and it goes on very smoothly. Often times when I purchase pencil or gel eyeliner’s they tend to really hurt my water line when applying. I believe that this is due to them being on the dryer end. However, this has a very creamy formula and goes on very easily.

If you want a good eyeliner on the cheaper end however the only other one that I can vouch for would be the Rimmel Scandaleyes Waterproof Kohl Kajal Liner in Black. There is quite the price difference between these two products with the Marc Jacobs eyeliner being $25 and the Rimmel eyeliner being $4. I do notice a difference between the two the Marc Jacobs has stronger pigment payoff with less product applied and lasts longer throughout the day. After period of long wear, I tend to get eyeliner slightly smudged in the outer section of my eyes. I tend to have quite wet eyes and it also could be due to my eye shape so I would think these are a factor in the overall staying power.

Next, is the Ordinary AHA 30% + BHA 2% peeling solution this products is supposed to be an exfoliating solution to help fight visible blemishes and improve the look of skin texture and radiance. So far, I have used this product once and I would say upon first impressions it does brighten the skin somewhat after one use. I am going to try this product out over the next month and make an updated post talking about if it works.

I have heard amazing things about The Benefit Roller Liner and the Smashbox Always On Eyeliner. I have used both of these throughout the month on an almost daily basis. They are both good eyeliners. However, the Benefit Roller Liner is a on a whole other level compared to the Smashbox Liner. The Benefit Roller Liner glides on amazingly smooth. Its full opacity doesn’t budge and makes a very sharp line. One of the biggest things I look for in an eyeliner is full color and not pulling my lid when applying. The Smashbox on the other hand was a true black however it was quite difficult to apply. I noticed that since it has a smaller tip it drags/ pulls on your lid quite a bit. It’s also quite rough will the Benefit doesn’t feel like much at all. What I have tended to due is use both when making a wing liner. I tend to make the full wing and fill it in with the Benefit Liner. However, if I need to sharpen the wing or fix the under portion towards the lower part of my crease. I will use the Smashbox since it is smaller and has a finer tip. It’s quite good at making sharp precise lines.

The Dior Backstage Contour Palette has been a big hit among the beauty community and has been another product that I have wanted to try for quite awhile. I was initially quite nervous to purchase this product since I was not sure if I would be able to use all the shades. I didn’t want to spend $45 on a contour palette and not be able to utilize everything within it. From left to right I have been able to use the 2nd and 3rd shade for bronzing and contouring. However, the highlighting shade and the darkest shade I was unable to use for highlighting and contour. I did find a use for all these shades outside of bronzer, highlighting, and contour. When I was on my trip, I did not want to pack a whole lot of makeup with me since I was traveling from place to place. I brought this palette and a more colorful palette with me. When I wanted to do more neutral looks I ended up using this along with a Becca highlighter for my brow bone and inner corners. This palette works amazingly as eye shadow and create a perfect neutral look. I am so happy that this palette was money well spent and I have been able to use all the shades. I definitely recommend this product if you have been eyeing it was well.

Last but not least is a product that I have been using for quite awhile now. The Briogeo Farewell Frizz Condition Spray is an amazing product that has been helping me save my damaged hair. Throughout the entirety of 2018 I was seeing a hairdresser to get my hair to a light grey. It took me a long time to get the courage up to stop seeing her as she was incredibly damaging my hair. I lost over 8+ inches and in the end it was completely fried. After, that I ended up dying my hair back to brown and I realized I’m going to have to take time and let it grow out to get rid of the damage. This has been one of the main products that has been helping me throughout the last 6 months in trying to get it to a healthier condition. I noticed when I didn’t use their product for a period of time my hair overall would get dryer. But, when I did use it, it started to feel a lot better. This is something that is now a staple for me in my hair care and I really recommend it. I have used a lot of products by Briogeo and they are all very nourishing and hydrating.

Here is a look I did using most of the products mentioned above~! ~ヾ(^∇^)

*Also side note from the last section where I talked about my hair. My hair is currently as of today actually right at my shoulders. I have been wearing tape in extensions to help prevent further damage to my actual hair.

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