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Junbi Matcha

While exploring Westwood my friend Lisa and I stumbled upon this cute little matcha shop. We decided to go in and see what they had to offer in terms of drinks. When we went in we found out that they served soft serve matcha ice cream. Once we heard that we were sold. When ordered you can choose from a few different sizes as well as adding on different kinds of toppings. We both got the smaller size with the cocoa chips on top. Their matcha has a strong flavor which we both love when having matcha. I know some people prefer having a more sweet creamy flavor compared to a more bitter matcha flavor. But for us it was the perfect taste. While we were there we didn’t end up trying out any other drinks or items that they offered since we went in late at night. If you are ever in the Westwood area I definitely recommend coming in and giving their matcha a try! If you want to see a breakdown of a review I have posted one below.

For more information on locations and about Junbi check out their website here: https://junbishop.com/

5/5 Food Rating – 

Their matcha soft serve was some of the best I have had. They have a variety of different toppings to try on your soft serve. Some of the toppings that you can get are Boba, Granola, Cacao Nibs, Coconut Chips, Red Bean, and White Mochi. You can also get it dusted with Matcha Powder, Coffee Grinds, and Kinako Powder. We both chose to get ours topped with the Matcha powder as well as the Cacao Nibs. 

?/5 Wifi-

I am unsure if they have Wifi. We were not inside their shop too long so I didn’t get the opportunity to look. 

?/5 Drinks –

We didn’t try any of the drinks while we were there however, they have a great drink selection which you can check out here on their menu. 

5/5 Atmosphere & Decor – 

They had a really nice theme inside the shop. It was lots of greenery and different wood tones. It gave the shop a very welcoming feeling. 

5/5 Price – 

For the area I think its actually quite affordable. They give you plenty to not be hungry after for the price. The soft serve without the additions is only $5.25 and then for each topping it’s an extra $0.50. 

5/5 Seating –

They had plenty of seating inside the store. However, if you are there at a busy time I am unsure of how busy the shop gets. When we were there, there were only two other customers in at the time we were there. So if it’s busier maybe seating is harder to get.

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