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Sarloons and Sons

Sarloons and Sons is located in Los Olivos, California. It is right off the San Marcos pass road turning onto Grand Ave. There are many shops and stores located along Grand Ave however, Sarloons and Sons stood out to us for its modern rustic vibe. When looking online we loved the overall vibe. With dark wood accents and lovely indoor and outdoor areas to enjoy your time in it caught our attention.

We visited a few weeks ago for my boyfriend Zach and my good friends Lisa’s birthday’s. Sarloons and Son’s offers a really cool experience where you can try six different types of wine paired with six different types of cupcakes. The combinations of recommended wine to cupcakes were amazing and it really showed us how much wine can accompany food as well as bring out flavors in it. We were fortunate enough that we went on a day that was not busy as well. Their kind staff allowed our group to go in their private tasting room to enjoy our drinks and spend time together.

If you are ever traveling along the San Marcos pass, or if you are not far from Los Olivos this is an amazing place to stop and enjoy some time at. There is so much that this area has to offer with Solvang not too far away. It’s a really easy area to spend your day in and I always enjoy a trip to this area.

If you would like to see some footage of our time here you can check out my YouTube video below. I recorded quite a bit inside their private tasting room and outside. If you would like to skip ahead in the video to where this section is it starts around 1:30 to 3:45 in the video time line. If you would like me to make more videos or make more posts about places to go to please let me know! Recommendations are always welcome.

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