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Tako Pore One Shot

Awhile back I picked up the Tako Pore One Shot Nose Pack by Tony Moly from Ulta Beauty. I have always been interested in products that can pull out impurities from your skin. I don’t always tend to get a lot of buildup in my pores. However, now and then I still enjoying using a product like this to get rid of the buildup that I do get. Overall, I tend to have fairly dry skin so not all these pore packs work for me. However, this one did do the job!

Application was easy, first I washed my face and then applied the mask to my still damp face. This allows the mask to get a better grip and then dry down. I waited around 10 minutes before taking off the mask however, sometimes you may need to wait a little longer depending on how wet your face was upon application. The mask should harden quite a bit and become stiff on your face. That’s a telling sign of when it is time to remove.

Now I don’t tend to get pain when removing masks however with this one I did almost begin to tear up. Not even the Hell Pore by Milky Piggy hurts my skin to remove! So, I was very surprised when this one did. But to me that is also a telling sign that the mask stuck well and would pull out impurities. When removing remember to pull from the bottom upwards. Take your time with removing the mask or there may be some left-over residue. After, removing I didn’t see anything near the forehead area. Though the nose section was a different story. I noticed right away that it pulled out quite a lot from my nose. So, I can say that this product definitely does work!

After remove as shown my face is slightly red and there is some left-over residue on my forehead. I believe this is from it not properly drying down in this area. To remove the residue, I simply took my Laneige Calming Toner and removed the residue and went over the area where the mask was. For the rest of my face I used the Sunday Riley Mattifying Martian Gel Toner.

Then before moisturizer I used a mixture of the U.F.O Clarifying Oil which helps prevent acne and the Korres Rose Oil which helps brighten the face.

Then to hydrate my face I went in with the Clinique Moister Surge Moisturizer.

Overall, I think the mask worked great and its definitely worth trying. I think if you tend to get clogged pores more often this mask will work great. This photo was taken about ten minutes after the mask was removed. The redness went away for me about 20-25 minutes later.

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