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Gym Shark Try-On Haul Size 16

Recently, I placed an order through GymShark to get some new workout clothes. I have seen their ads on my Instagram and through many influences such as Remi Ashten and Whitney Simmons.With how amazing they look in their attire I thought that I would give their clothing a try as well. I do know I have a completely different body shape compared to these two specifically. I wanted to show how the clothing items would look on a different body type and talk about how I feel wearing the clothing.

Starting with tops I purchased the Ori Sweater in a size L and the Geo Mesh Two In One Top in a size XL. For these first two items I absolutely loved them. They fit well and they were both made of a very breathable material which I am truly grateful for. One of things I look for in gym tops is if they are breathable. More often than not I wear old high school t-shirts to the gym and they are not always the most comfortable to work out in.

For the overall fit of the Ori Sweater I think that it personally fit me well. I’m glad that I went with a size L instead of a XL. I noticed that on me in the neck area it sat a little awkwardly however that doesn’t deter me from the item. The major reason I’m glad I went with this size instead of up-sizing is that the sleeves are somewhat long for me already on the L and I imagine that they would be even longer on a size XL.

For the Two In One Mesh Top I was actually quite surprised by this item. I did not realize upon purchase that it would come with a sports bra type item with it. It makes sense when reading the title now but it was something that I had not known prior. I am glad that with this item I went with a size XL. The L was sold out at the time so I went up a size and it as shown is not baggy at all but fits well. If I would have gone with a size L it would have more than likely been much tighter that I would be comfortable working out in.

Next, for sports bras I purchased two items the Color Block Sports Bra in Grey size L and the True Texture Sports Bra in the color Black size L. I did not end up trying on the True Texture Sports Bra in this haul do to it being made out of the same material as the Color Block Sports Bra. I should have sized up in these items however, I am use to fitting into a size L in the sports bras at Target. So with that knowledge I thought I would be fine with a L from GymShark as well. I did manage to get the item on to show how it looks however, unless you know your size for sure I would recommend going up a size in their sports bras. They fit very well and keep everything in place and I imagine that’s why that are on the more tight fitting side. However, for me it also tended to roll up a lot on the bottom and I know that’s due to improper sizing. I will return these two items and up-size since I like the overall feel on them. Once I get the new items I will leave a update on how I like the one size up feel over the current size I have purchased.

Lastly, I picked up one pair of leggings called the True Texture Leggings in a size L and in the color Black. In all the pictures shown I am wearing the True Texture Leggings. I only picked up one pair of their leggings at this time to get a overall idea of how they would fit. While I did pick up a size L I am going to exchange them for a size XL. They fit well but I would like them to be a little looser than they currently are. They are very comfortable and are some of the most breathable leggings I have tried on before.

Some notes for the leggings if you are on a similar size and height to me. I am currently a size 16 in bottoms and 5’2″. Often I have an issue with leggings bunching up no matter the brand and it does happen on me in the ankles and knee area slightly with these as well. It would be really cool to see brands coming out with leggings in different lengths since I know a lot of other women on the shorter end who have a similar issue to myself. Also, with these leggings they have different material panels that run along the sides of you calves and thighs. Since there is extra stitching there you can slightly see an indent in your leg which made give the look of bulging in a sense. This is not something that bugs me with these leggings personally though.

My final thoughts on the items I purchased are that overall I really enjoyed the products. I’m going to exchange the items needed into the proper sizes and then I will give an update. Overall though I would recommend GymShark. I really enjoyed their cute styles offered and the overall breathability of the clothing items. If you have any questions or workout clothing recommendations please free to leave them below. ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

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