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A Day In Chicago

Chicago in the short amount of time that I was in your city I have fallen in love with it. There is so much to do within the city of Chicago that we didn’t end up getting to do everything on our list for the short time that we were there. For St. Patrick’s Day weekend we were in Chicago since Zach had a work trip and I was able to tag along. He needed to be there for work on Friday and we were able to stay over the weekend to visit the city. Being there on St, Patrick’s day was definitely an experience. The city was very crowded with the river being dyed green and the bar crawls going on. It was a lot of fun to be around during this weekend. Everyone was very kind and it was so lively there. For the time we were here we managed to do a lot but we are definitely wanting to go again in the future.

We started our day about thirty minutes from the main downtown area in Chicago since that’s where our Airbnb was. On the way to the car we took a impromptu photo shoot.

Once we first got into the downtown area we parked near Millennium Park. There was underground parking really close by. We got to visit the Bean and take plenty of pictures throughout the park. There is a lot to look at inside the park however, not everything was up and running when we were there. Such as the skating rink and the large picture displays.

Next, since its my goal to visit a pub everywhere I go we stopped into Miller’s Pub for a drink and a bite to eat. Here I tried my first Martini. Personally, I didn’t like the drink. I think this was due to the flavor of the Vermouth. It had a very story flavor that I personally was not fond of.

I then proceeded to try and find lattes throughout the city. This was my first fancy latte that I had tried and it was delicious. I did stop at a few other shops however, I didn’t take any other pictures of the lattes.

Then as the tradition states we tried the green beer. Funny enough while drinking it, it actually stained my teeth green for a bit. (It came off after I drank some water, it just shows up while you’re drinking the drink if they add in too much dye.)

Then when the night was winding down we went back to Millennium Park and took a few more pictures. While we were here Zach and I also celebrated our Anniversary. So we took some fun pictures and got some print out pictures taken in Urban Outfitters to remember the date.

If you ever get the opportunity to visit Chicago I definitely would. While there on St. Patrick’s day we didn’t partake in all the events however next time I would love to return again during this holiday and really party it up. It would be really fun to go back with friends as well. Even if you can’t visit during St. Patrick’s I definitely recommend visiting the city anytime. It will was always have its charm.

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