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Oh, how I miss thee. Chicago. For the week of our Anniversary and St. Patrick’s this year my boyfriend and I traveled to Chicago. It was one of the best experiences of my life. I never immersed myself in a city and truly felt like I fit in so well. We spent a little around 4 days in the downtown Chicago area. We explored all around the city. While we did not get to everything on my list for the trip. I wanted to highlight the amazing things we did do and the amazing places that we visited in the area.

We got in late Thursday night so our first day exploring Chicago was Friday, March 15. We started out our day heading to Millennium park. This one was on the things we were told was a must. You should most definitely check it out. Seeing Cloud Gate was the number one item to see at the park and is definitely gets the most traffic. At Millennium park you can also visit Jay Prizker Pavillion, Crown Fountain, and the Wrigley Square Millennium Monument. There are other attractions around the park however these are the ones we visited.

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After visiting Millennium park, we went into the city streets. First, we went to Miller’s Pub. One of my favorite things to do when visiting new places is visit their local pubs. I always feel that they have a very welcoming and friendly environment. Miller’s Pub was slightly different from most pubs I have visited. From the outside you would never know how massive it is on the inside. Most pubs I have been to are smaller and have a more intimate environment. Miller’s pub staff was very friendly, and their food was amazing. It is located very close to Millennium Park and is less than a ten-minute walk away.

I decided to branch out and try a drink I have never had. I ordered their house Martini. I can say that if you like a strong drink then definitely give it a try. However, it was very intense for me.

After, Millers we continued to walk around and look in shops. One of the biggest things I can say is a must while in Chicago’s downtown area is try their smaller coffee shops. You will get some amazing drinks that area on a whole different level compared to Starbucks. The two shops I visited while there were Bridgeport Coffee & HERO Coffee Bar. I ordered a latte at both and they were both amazing drinks. Both were super smooth and creamy, and they had some of the best espresso I have tried.

Las thing we did before heading out for the night was going back to Millennium park and seeing everything all lit up. It was absolutely beautiful to see all the city lights along with the attractions at the park. I would recommend going the park in the day and night because you will get to completely different experiences. Later on, went to a local bar in the Chi Town area called Fat Cats. Fat cats has amazing drinks and great dinner options available. We went to dinner a few of the nights while we were in town. If you are in the area it’s a definitely a place to check out.

Saturday which was our last day in the downtown area was spent mostly walking around once again. However, it was full of life this day due to it being their annual day of celebrating St. Patrick’s. They died their canal green, everyone was dressed up, and a lot of the restaurants had themed items for the day. One of the items I got while we were walking around was at a restaurant called Vapiano. I got a green beer! It was definitely very cool, and it may have slightly stained by teeth but definitely worth it for the day and for a cool picture. Compared to Friday we didn’t do much more besides walking around and grabbing a slice of Chicago Style Deep Dish Pizza to try.

We then traveled home Sunday. While our trip was short it was definitely an amazing experience. I hope to be able to visit again next year during St. Patrick’s Day and immerse myself into the city even more. Missing you already, until next time Chicago.

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