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Casetify Review

Casetify is an up and coming brand in the phone case game. I heard about them a few months back from when a YoutTuber I was watching recommended the cases and immediately fell in love with their designs. Getting a new phone case for many can be like getting a new hair cut or a new outfit. For me it was time to spread my wings and move on to a new design and something that reflects me currently.

My previous phone case was a simple case from OtterBox. It didn’t have any high-end protection to it but it did its job. Something that caught my attention from Casetify is that they have many different technical designs for their cases besides the actual artwork on them.

The case I chose was the Positive Quote case with their Ultimate Protection. Their Ultimate Protection cases can be survive from a 2 meter drop and are made with qitech which is an innovative shockproof material. Overall the case has a great feel and I already prefer it over my previous OtterBox case. The Castify case is a similar price but has a more durable feeling to it.


Positive Quote Case

OtterBox Symmetry Series

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