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Easy New Years Resolutions

Drink More Water

While drinking water may seem hard to accomplish at times it can be a lot easier to do than you may think. Studies show that drinking more water can lead to better digestion, healthier skin, being less tired, etc. One thing that has majorly impacted the amount of water I will drink in a day was investing in a reusable water bottle. While I was in college last semester if I forgot my water bottle at home. I noticed I would purchase one on campus and not refill it or even finish it most times. However, if I did remember to bring my water bottle to school then I would drink it and refill it much more often.

Current water bottle I use: Hydro Flask

This water bottle shows you how much you should drink a hour: Drink More Water Bottle

Organize Your Living Space

Organizing your living space can be a easy to accomplish New Year’s resolution. Getting your space cleaned and organized can lead to a less stressed and more relaxed environment. If you set aside time at the beginning of the year to clean out your closet, room, kitchen, living room, etc. Then it can be a one and done type or ordeal. I personally really enjoy cleaning out my living area at the beginning of the year. It helps me get rid of items that I am no longer using.

Get More Sleep

Getting more sleep can be a hard task to do when your busy bee. With work and school for many of us we can find ourselves going to bed past midnight many nights and getting up around 8 in the morning. Getting enough sleep is something that I personally struggle with and I find it difficult to get the necessary amount most nights. The biggest thing I have found to combat this is once you start getting tired instead of playing a game on your phone or lying in bed watching TV. Try to lay down and fall asleep. While this is not something that can happen that easily for everyone it is a good starting step to take. Try to get all of your assignments done for the day earlier when you get home rather than later as well and it can give you more time to relax at night and get to sleep faster.

Benefits of more sleep: 11 Surprising Health Benefits of Sleep

A New Look

Get a fresh new look for the New Year. Getting a haircut or a getting your hair dyed to bring in the New Year with a bang. Sometimes we are all in need of a change and something as small as getting a haircut can give you a whole new perspective. If you have been wanting to get a new hair look and have been putting it off why not go for it. 2019 is a new year full of new possibilities.

Save Money

An easy way to save money with little to no hassle on your end is either going online to your bank account or giving them a call to set up a savings account for you. Once you have created your savings account each month you can have x amount of money be directly deposited into this account. You can also have the money be taken out of your paycheck and put straight into a savings account as well.

Savings Calculator to play with.

Eat Better

Eating better doesn’t have to mean going on a full-blown diet. Something that I started to do over the past two years to better my overall eating habits and what I consume is to now and then pick items I know I am eating to often and try to go without them. For example, during the beginning of 2018 I had been drinking a lot of soda over the Christmas Holiday. So, I decided to cut soda out of my diet for awhile. I went about three months without soda and once I went to drink it again, I noticed I didn’t crave it as often. So, cutting back on items can make it easier to have them in moderation. You don’t need to cut everything out at once little by little works amazingly as well.

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