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Tarte Christmas 2018

Tarte’s Holiday 2018 collection! This was one of the early holiday products launches I got very excited over. Over the past year I really started using Tarte for the first time and started to really enjoy their products. I would say that their favorite products of mine are their eye shadows and their bronzes. They are one of the only companies so far that I have tried that has a light enough bronzer for me to use. Park Avenue Princess has saved me countless times from using other bronzers that are too warm for me.

Bonzer’s aside this Holiday collection was something that really grabbed my eye. While this is not all the products that they released in their Holiday Collection these were the ones I picked up. The Sweet Escape Collector’s Set is a gift that I will be giving this year. I feel that this set is great for those who are wanting to take a step up from drug store brands to more high-end brands. It comes with so many great shadows of varying colors, two blushes, one bronzer, a highlight, a lipstick, mascara, and an eyeliner pen. It has all those great products to get you a new look.

The Fierce and Flirty Eye Set with this set the cat travel bag is honestly what sold me. The Dream Team Liner Trio I have been looking for a good brown and red liquid liner for some time now. While I have not yet to try these products out, I am excited to see more and more brands coming out with different colored eyeliners in liquid form. Lastly, the Flawless Foursome Lip Sculptor Set during summer of this year I started using their lip sculptors after hearing many positive reviews about them. After trying them I can defiantly say that they have a good formula if you are someone who tends to have dry lips. They have held up well and kept my lips hydrated throughout wear.

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