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Cranberry Spritzer

For this recipe I’m going to be making two different drinks. A Cranberry Gin Spritzer and a Aromatic Gin Spritzer. If you wanted to make a non-alcoholic version of these drinks you could use the Cranberry Sprite or the Aromatic Tonic Water without Gin. Then add in Cranberries and Mint.

First you will want to get two glasses to make your drinks. (Or however many you will need for your party.) A nice way to chill the glasses that I found out from Jamie Oliver. You will want to place ice inside your glasses and then swirl the ice around. Right before you want to pour in your drinks into their respective glasses you will want to drain the water that has melted.

Finally, you will want to garnish with mint and cranberries. The mint adds a nice flavor to the drink. While the cranberries are more for decoration you can make the drink more cranberry flavored if you make a cranberry sauce. Cranberry sauce is quite easy to make, and you can find many recipes on Pinterest. I will post my version in the future.

The drink was a hit amongst my boyfriend and our roommate. I definitely think its worth making for your holiday parties this season or even just for yourself.

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