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Lorde & St. Patrick’s Day

The night before heading to Humboldt to spend St. Patrick’s Day weekend my friend and I were able to attend Lorde’s concert at the Staples center in LA. She was amazing to see live. I would even say she sounds better in person than through her prerecorded music. If you ever get the chance to see her it’s definitely worth the money.

Spending St. Patrick’s Day in Humboldt was a dream. The scenery was beautiful and flouring. It was a nice change when most days in Southern California tend to be drier. Plant life here is not as luscious unless we are blessed with rain which doesn’t happen often. Along the 8 hours plus trip we made a few stops and saw some amazing scenery. Once we got there, we got to spend time with one of my friends Juliana. While the trip was short, we did as much as we could, and I documented some of it in a YouTube video. I hope to be able to travel up to see her again and explore more of what Humboldt has to offer

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