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Cambria Christmas Market 17′

On our way home from Santa Cruz this winter break my friend Jesus and my boyfriend Zach thought it would be a lot of fun to stop by the Cambria Christmas Market. Before heading to the Christmas Market we decided to stop by a portion of Big Sur that was still open to the public at the time. Big Sur is very beautiful during all times of the year and is quite fun to stop by and visit if you’re traveling through the area. After leaving Big Sur we headed down straight into Cambria and went to the Christmas Market. We were lucky on the night we decided to go that the tickets had not yet sold out so we were able to go and fully explore the market and Christmas light displays. 

When entering the event you first go through the Christmas Market where you can purchase fun themed food and drinks. You can also buy an assortment of different hand made items or goods to give as Christmas gifts from the other vendors around the marketplace. After heading out of the market place you can then take pictures with these fun themed Christmas backgrounds before heading into the lights sections of the event.

When you first enter the area of lights you go through a giant rainbow tunnel of lights that leads you into the new area. Within the light area there are plenty of opportunities to take pictures and videos. I made a video of our time at the Cambria Christmas Market which you can watch below if you would like a more inside look of the event. In the video I also have my trip to Santa Cruz and Big Sur as well. If you would like to just watch the part about Cambria you can skip ahead to  4:15.

If you are ever in the Central Coast area during the time frame of Thanksgiving and a few days before Christmas. I would definitely check out this event. It’s fun for all ages and will definitely create memories that will last a lifetime.

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