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Disneyland Autumn Adventure

Hello 23,

Wow already here! I feel like it was just yesterday that I was 18 and now I’m a 23 year old senior in college. I had an amazing opportunity for my birthday weekend in which my boyfriend took me to Disneyland. Our friend Keyla was also able to come along for the trip. Overall it was an amazing time. I wish that I had been able to go on more rides but I can’t always stomach them. Thankfully Disneyland as well as California Adventure have many rides that are not to intense. Autumn is one of my favorite times of the year so I was extra thankful to finally get to experience the park during this time of year. It was completely decorated for the Halloween/Autumnal season. I hope to one day go during Winter as well! I bet its as magical as the photos I have seen. My absolute favorite part of the park during this time was the Haunted Mansion since it was “taken over” by Jack Skellington. I am so thankful for this trip and all the memories I now have from this experience.

Thank you Zach for making my birthday amazing ♡ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ and thank you to Keyla for being able to spend this weekend with us.

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